Who we are?

About us

Our law office specializes in criminal law, with an expertise on cases related to white-collar crime, corruption, criminal tax law, banking and corporate criminal liability, as well as on malpractice criminal cases. We are also successfully involved in civil, commercial and administrative litigation. Our wide network of attorneys, notaries and other specialists enables the assumption of complex cases throughout the country and accommodates specific needs of every client.

Our philosophy and values are:

  • creating a trust relationship with our clients and the defense of their interests
  • persisting in the optimal outcome in legal cases
  • professionalism, accountability and integrity
  • meeting the client’s needs in a timely manner
  • expedition in the tackling and resolution of composite problems
  • the strategic and comprehensive management of cases
  • the prevention and management of risks
  • the monitoring of the developments in the legislation, case-law and legal theory
  • investing in the professional and scientific development of our personnel
  • using latest technologies